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How to Handle Stress During the Holidays: The Gift of Mindfulness

This Christmas might feel a bit lonely for families all over the world. Although people are gathering less and less for the holidays, there is still this lingering stress that accompanies gift shopping, Christmas decorating, and so much more. Thankfully, there are ways to ease through the anxieties that the season brings. From practicing meditation to taking a couple of breathers here and there, there are several methods of de-stressing. Villa Children’s Therapy wants to help you get through these tough times. We discuss some tips to provide you and your family with the perspective and relaxation you deserve.

Accept Imperfection

One of the most important things you have to realize is that nothing will ever be perfect. You can have the whole Christmas planned out, but sometimes, things have to fall into place in a different manner. As you start preparing, you have to recognize the imperfections and take pride in them. It is healthy and absolutely normal to acknowledge this. It allows you to better cope with future experiences.

Go Out and Get Some Sun

Having a connection with Mother Nature and all she has to offer is the truest gift of all. Take your family outside to get a breath of fresh air. Before long, you’ll notice a difference in your entire body. Getting some sunlight every day encourages the production of serotonin and helps relieve seasonal affective disorder, which is a type of depression induced by the change in seasons, which several people suffer from.

Utilize Essential Oils

Researchers have found evidence that certain fragrances can boost feelings of well-being and calmness. This is caused by the increase of hormones such as norepinephrine, which is responsible for mood. So when you go out for some more Christmas shopping, treat yourself and your family to some candles or burning oils that you can enjoy throughout your home all day long.

Stay Consistent With Your Daily Routine

Consistency is key and it always will be. It’s easy to start stressing out when things get messy or when your daily schedule becomes unorganized. Prioritize the time you set for working out, for alone time, and for things that are important to you. With that being said, if you’re going to squeeze in so much holiday into your daily schedule, you have to treat your daily responsibilities just the same. Manage the attention you give.

Find Joy in The Little Things

Life moves quickly, especially during the holidays. Looking back, you’ll ask yourself where the time went. Hopefully, when you do reminisce on stressful times, you’ll be able to notice the silver lining.

There is joy in everything, especially the smallest things. Take some time to read a Christmas book with your little one, have a nice laugh, treat yourself to that piece of cake you’ve been wanting all day. There is no other happiness that compares to the little things.

Inform Your Family

If moral support is what you need, don’t be afraid to voice your concerns. Telling your family about how you’ve been feeling stressed can prevent problems from escalating further down the road. Ask them for the space you need or the affection you’ve been craving. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to confide in your loved ones to make the times easier for you.

Take a Few Breaks in Each Day

With every passing day, you might find yourself becoming busier and busier. Being out and about all day can be exhausting in every which way. Sometimes, you simply need to slow down and stop what you’re doing. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, notice your heartbeat. Just become aware of yourself and not so much of the world for a few moments. Your body deserves it.

Get Some Exercise

The oldest trick in the book, exercise will always be in your best interest. Maybe you’re not such a fan when it comes to mindfulness and meditation. That’s okay! We all work differently. Release all that stressful energy through your workouts. You can even make it a family thing. Break a sweat, have fun with it. As long as you feel better, that’s all that really matters.

Nurture Your Body

Everything you consume has a great deal on your body. That includes food, drinks, vitamins, anything of the sort. When you treat your body to healthier and more nutritious options, you’ll begin to witness a physical and mental change. If you want to change up your diet for this case, you may want to learn more about foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Contact Villa Children’s Therapy For More

We want to help you and your family make the most out of the holidays, despite the circumstances. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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