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How Parents and Children Can Benefit from a Long-Term Relationship with Their Pediatric Therapist

While parents everywhere understand how important it is for their children to see their pediatricians regularly, many may not be aware of what goes into pediatric therapy. If a child displays physical concerns, then pediatric occupational therapy may be recommended. Unlike pediatric checkups, where parents can just pop in to a pediatrician’s office for a check-up, pediatric therapy visits are usually weekly and are initiated primarily due to parent or physician concern.

Building a relationship with your child’s speech and occupational therapists can be incredibly beneficial for both you and your child. After children reach the age of five, parents take them to see their pediatricians less and less. Pediatric speech and occupational therapy differ due to them requiring regular weekly visits. In fact, some of our patients don't start services with us until after they reach the ages of 6 or 7. At these ages, parents often become aware that something might not be right. While we would like to start them young, it is not uncommon to see children who are a bit older.

At Villa Children’s Therapy, it is our duty and pleasure to see our patients grow, so building relationships comes easy to us. We list the main benefits that you and your child gain when establishing long-term relationships with pediatric therapists.

Comprehensive Medical History

Just as any pediatrician you visit with will go through your child’s medical history, your therapist will also become very familiar with his medical history as well. Your child’s pediatric therapist will become very familiar with your child’s medical history, and will be aware of changes since they will work with your child weekly. It is important that your child’s therapist understands the conditions they may have been diagnosed with before as it can affect treatment later in their life.

Understanding Your Child

Just as a dedicated therapist becomes familiar with a medical record, they are bound to understand your child and their health. Of course, every parent is most comfortable with a therapist or doctor who knows exactly what it is that their children are dealing with, which is exactly why you should stick to who you’ve been taking your child to see all these years. This means less frustration, stress, and worry on your end.

A Plan of Care that Works for You

Every family operates differently. With busy schedules, it can be hard to determine the best plan of care for your child. When you have a therapist your child has been seeing for years, they’re more than likely very familiar with how your schedule looks, including that of your child. A therapist your child has been seeing will most likely take the time to analyze what kind of plan of care will work for you and your child’s schedules.

Your Child Will Grow More Comfortable

No matter their age, undergoing speech and occupational therapy can be scary for any child. This is especially true at the start since it isn’t routine for them yet. Since speech and occupational therapy sessions are often weekly, your child will quickly feel comfortable upon subsequent sessions. Simply put, it will become easier for them and you.

As your pediatric therapy clinic, we understand how difficult it can be for children to feel comfortable in these spaces. When you build a relationship with us, your child will come to understand that there is nothing to fear.

Encourage Positive Habits and Healthy Choices

Growing comfortable with your child’s therapist opens up many more opportunities, assuring that your child will grow and develop on the best track possible! As your child grows, your therapist or pediatrician will recommend methods of care that they can do on their own. The more that your child knows a professional, the more that they will take their suggested at-home healthcare seriously.

Treat Conditions Early On

Because your child’s therapist will be more familiar with your child’s medical history, they are more likely able to catch conditions or signs of conditions earlier on. You don’t have to wait as long when you have an established relationship with your child’s go-to provider.

Analyze Growth and Development

Your child’s pediatric speech and occupational therapist will make note of your child’s growth and development throughout the years. As such, they’ll understand your child’s growth and estimated development better than anyone else!

Get the Care Your Child Deserves at Villa Children’s Therapy

If your child needs to overcome struggles in their speech and language skills or other physical obstacles that can be addressed through occupational therapy, Villa Children’s Therapy can provide you with the results you’re looking for. Don’t wait to give your child the care they deserve. Our services are available for children of all ages, ranging from newborns to 20-year-olds! Contact us today to learn about how our services can support you and your child.

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