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Villa Children's Pediatric Therapy, Pediatric Therapy Clinic in El Paso


Welcome to Villa Children’s Therapy, where specialized in-home pediatric therapy and compassion meet. Our pediatric therapy clinic provides occupational and speech therapy to children of all ages. Our therapists are driven to help El Paso’s infants, children, and teens achieve milestones such as social and cognitive development and effective communication skills.

Villa Children’s Therapy is built upon the belief that every child deserves to live life to the fullest. If speech or occupational issues are impeding your child’s ability to thrive, then we’re more than happy to help. Villa Children’s Therapy is proud to offer in-home and clinic-based therapy services to El Paso’s children.

Therapy Services Provided by Villa Children’s Therapy

When you choose Villa Children’s Therapy, you can expect our therapists to carefully assess your child’s condition and determine the best path forward. Our care plans include the following therapy services: 



Each of these services is personalized to treat your child’s condition, whether they are in need of assistance with their verbal skills or their behavior.

Pediatric Therapy Clinic El Paso

What Ages Do We Serve?

The brain is constantly developing during childhood, which is why it is vital for parents to have their children seen by a pediatric therapist if the need arises. With that in mind, our pediatric therapy clinic is here to help children ranging from infants to 20 years of age.

How to Know If Your Child Needs Therapy Services

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School Children

There are specific milestones in development that your child should be achieving within a specific amount of time. Some of the signs that may indicate the need for speech therapy include the difficulty with: 


  • Understanding what others say/being understood by others

  • Putting words together

  • Producing sounds/not talking/late talker

  • Refusing to eat 


In addition to speech therapy, there are a number of reasons why your child might need occupational therapy. These include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Birth injuries or defects

  • Delayed motor skill development

  • Difficulty with learning and handwriting

  • Behaviorally or socially challenged 

  • Difficulty with completing tasks 


It’s important for us to point out that the length of time and frequency that your child needs with either speech therapy, occupational therapy, or both depends on a variety of factors, including information obtained during assessment, severity, and diagnosis, to name a few.

Why Choose Us Over Another Clinic?

Villa Children’s Therapy is El Paso’s go-to choice for pediatric speech and occupational therapy because we are reliable, supportive, understanding, and caring, all at once! We believe that every child is entitled to the best therapy possible, which is what our therapists prioritize when we meet with patients.


We have patients coming from as far as Fabens, Clint, San Elizario, Dell City, and many other surrounding areas of the El Paso area. We are a pediatric clinic but we also offer in-home therapy, so we are more than happy to travel to see and care for our patients as necessary. After all, every child deserves care and assistance. 


Villa Children’s Therapy can make your child’s experience with pediatric therapy one rich with opportunities for progress in movement, sensations, speaking, and learning. By providing both in-home and clinic-based services for your child’s development, Villa Children’s Therapy is able to provide the best therapy and attention possible.

Insurances We Accept

Our pediatric therapy clinic accepts most insurances and we are open to working with any private insurance you may have, depending on your policy. We also work with insurances on an out-of-network basis to ensure that every child’s medical care is covered.

How to Contact Us or Book An Appointment

If you think your child is in need of speech or occupational therapy, we recommend you make an appointment with your child’s health care provider as soon as possible. If your child’s doctor refers you to a pediatric therapy clinic, you can make an appointment with Villa Children’s Therapy by calling (915) 307-9289. Get started with our pediatric therapy services today for a brighter tomorrow for your child!

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