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Providing Speech and Occupational Therapy for Children of All Ages 

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Villa Children's Therapy

Welcome to Villa Children’s Therapy! We’re here to help children and teenagers in El Paso reach the highest quality of life. It is our honor to help your child improve as they grow throughout the years. When you work with our staff of compassionate therapists and services, you can rest assured that your child’s cognitive development and social skills are in the right hands! 

Villa Children’s Therapy is built upon the belief that every child deserves to live life to the fullest. If speech or occupational issues are impeding your child’s ability to thrive, then we’re more than happy to help. Villa Children’s Therapy is proud to offer in-home and clinic-based therapy services to El Paso’s children.

Our Pediatric Therapy Services

At Villa Children’s Therapy, we have all the services your child could need, including: 


Each of our services is designed to meet the needs of your child, leading them down a progressive, healthy, and happy path! Villa Children's Therapy also provides our patients with in-person clinic, in-home, and telehealth offerings.

Pediatric Therapy Clinic El Paso

How Pediatric Therapy Can Benefit Children and Teenagers 

As children develop, they will begin to take on more tasks and become more independent the more they learn. By strengthening their speech and cognitive skills, your child will be able to take on any challenge or task they may face. Even better, parents won’t have to worry that their child’s cognitive growth is delayed. 
Speech and occupational therapy ensure that your child is on the right track and that they are maturing and evolving for every passing year. By working with our therapists, we can collaboratively tackle goals early on, helping your child master tasks!

We Serve Children of All Ages: From Infancy to 20 Years of Age  

The brain is constantly developing during childhood. In fact, it is said that the brain doesn’t stop developing until the age of 25, which is why it is vital for parents to have their children seen by a pediatric therapist as they grow. Parents can help their children get the most out of their time learning and growing when they choose us, a dedicated and reliable clinic! With that in mind, our team of therapists is here to help and we are more than available to work with children ranging from infants to 20 years of age.

Does My Child Need Pediatric Therapy?  

Kid with Basketball
School Children

According to the Center for Disease Control, there are specific milestones that children are expected to achieve, especially in the first five years of their life. On average, 7.7.% of children in the United States have problems with their speech or language
Some common signs that may indicate a need for speech or occupational therapy include: 


  • Inability to put words together

  • Understand what others say/understood by others

  • Delay in producing sounds

  • Difficulty with learning and handwriting

  • Refusing to eat

  • Difficulty in completing simple tasks


With our pediatric therapy services, you don’t have to worry about whether your children will be able to overcome these challenges. We are confident that our services will help your child make grand improvements in their ability to speak, be understood, and complete tasks respective of their age.   

 What Sets Our Pediatric Therapy Clinic Apart

Villa Children’s Therapy is El Paso’s go-to choice for pediatric speech and occupational therapy. We believe that every child is entitled to the best care possible, which is what our therapists prioritize when we meet with patients and their parents. We welcome patients into our clinic, where they can feel comfortable and cared for. We also create care plans based on parents’ goals for their children. 
Our services allow parents and their children to walk out happy and confident that they are one step closer to their goals! We have patients coming from as far as Fabens, Clint, San Elizario, Dell City, and many other surrounding areas of the El Paso area. We believe it is our sole duty to attend to every child possible, so we welcome every child and parent with arms wide open. We also offer in-home therapy, we are more than happy to travel to see and provide care for our patients. After all, every child deserves care and assistance, especially in the comfort of their own home! 
Villa Children’s Therapy can make your child’s experience with pediatric therapy rich with opportunities for progress in movement, sensations, speaking, and learning. By providing both in-home and clinic-based services for your child’s development, Villa Children’s Therapy is able to provide the best care and attention possible.

Insurances We Accept

Our pediatric therapy agency accepts Medicaid (Superior, El Paso Health, and Amerigroup). We also work with insurances on an out-of-network basis to ensure that every child's medical care is covered.

Our Pediatric Therapy Clinic Blogs

Contact Villa Children's Therapy Today!

If you want your child to grow and learn as much as possible during their youth, you’ve come to the right place. You can make an appointment with your child’s health care provider to determine the need for speech or occupational therapy. 
If your child’s doctor refers you to a pediatric therapy clinic, you can make an appointment with Villa Children’s Therapy right away by calling (915) 307-9289. Get started with our pediatric therapy services today for a brighter tomorrow for your child!


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